Monday, February 21, 2011

If you hang a wreath for your wife......

....she'll ask you to get out the box of St. Patrick's Day stuff.
You'll go up to the attic to get that box, but just can't seem to find it.
Then your wife will take a look for herself at that attic and realize what a HUGE mess it is.

When she sees that mess, she'll ask you to start taking all the boxes out of the attic to reorganize it.
When the attic is all cleaned out, your wife will have a great idea that includes moving some storage from the basement to the attic and moving attic boxes to the basement.
When you look at the storage room in the basement, your wife will realize that the storage room needs some reorganizing as well.
And after five hours of moving boxes and reorganizing your wife will say.............

....."Thank you, sweetie. You've made me a very happy lady!" Thanks Botata! xoxo

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Sara said...

Yes, but did the mouse ever get a cookie?