Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy October

October was filled with so many exciting memories for us. The first weekend, Mark suprised me by taking me out for my birthday. Since I've been so exhausted from Liam, I really didn't feel like doing anything special, but I knew it would be nice to get away for a couple of hours. Julian stayed with Mark's parents and my mom came to babysit Liam. On our way to dinner, Mark hit a detour to downtown Detroit and suprised me by pulling up to the new MGM. The bigger suprise was that he had booked a suite there. I was a little apprehensive at first thinking that I was going to be leaving my little 7 week old baby for the night, but I knew this was also the chance to get some sleep! We had a great time going to dinner and playing the machines. We even won a bit too! The hotel is gorgeous. It really was a once in a lifetime experience!!
A few days later, everyone gathered at our house to celebrate my 29th birthday. I'm informing everyone now that this was the last birthday I'll be celebrating! I always reflect on the past year on my birthday. I can honestly say that in the last year I have accomplished so much. I'm proud of everything I have worked so hard for in my life to this point and I'm truly blessed to say the least!
Getting ready for Halloween this year has been so much fun. Julian is now at the age when he really is beginning to understand what is going on. We spent the whole month doing various Halloween activities. We usually go to the apple orchard every year (even when Julian was a baby), however, Liam is a little more particular about his surroundings and between him and the weather, it just never worked out. Julian did get to go to the "Giant Pumpkin Farm" with his Pop Pop. They brought home a 106 lb. pumpkin! Of course, it was lots of fun to carve and play with.
We also participated in the neighborhood associations "Halloween Spooktacular" the weekend before halloween. Julian dressed as Captiain Feathersword from the Wiggles and his friend Marcus was Chris Osgood (goalie for the Red Wings for those of you who don't know). Marcus won best costume! It was such a cold day and rain was approaching, and of course, in true kid fashion, Julian wanted nothing to do with putting a coat on over his costume. Needless to say, he froze!
Since I'm still at home on maternity leave, Julian, Mark, and I had fun making treats for our halloween party and our friends in the neighborhood. The treats were easy enough for Julian to do. He did a lot of the work in helping me put them together. He had so much fun. Of course, he had lots of fun eating them too!
On halloween, family and friends came over to see the boys. Mark and I took Julian around the neighborhood while the grandparents took care of passing out candy and watching Liam. You've seen neighbors who go all out on Christmas, but our neighborhood takes halloween to a new level. Hundreds (I'm not exaggerating) of people came through in just a few short hours. This year we set a new record of passing out 750 pieces of candy!
Julian loved everything there was about halloween. I just can't wait to see him experience the joy of the Christmas season! I'll be posting about that before we know it!
Here's the link to our photo album of Halloween activities:
Till then....lots of love! Kelly