Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I'm.....

The Bible (New American)
{At my rate I'll be lucky to get it finished before my children are married.}

Working On:
 A customized entertainment center for the basement. 
{ok, piece of junk that I'm refinishing}
Can't wait to have that basement done with!

{I only get to pick one? hmmmm...}
Mostly, I'm SO. DARN. TIRED.

Listening to Liam sing, "Can't catch me, I gin-bread man!"

A silhouette machine. I have not stopped fantasizing about it since I first heard about it. 
It's like THE must have if you're a serious crafter! I think it does everything but cook dinner. 
If you're not a crafter, you just wouldn't understand!

How about you? What's up with you this week?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Worst Cake EVER!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
I know some may never have guessed it, 
but I am indeed Irish, with the name Kelly and a son Liam......LOL! 
Hope you're wearing your green today. You don't want to get pinched!!
My two leprechauns are having so much fun celebrating!


Of course, I made sure we are all wearing our green. 
We started the day by reading a book about St. Patrick's Day. 
Here are some of our favorites:


We especially *love* that the leprechaun's name is Liam!

After reading some stories, Julian and Liam began counting something
 {I forget what now, but that's not important}.
 Liam has been counting 1-13 and then skipping to 18 and then counting to 20.
{ we've been working on that}
 Julian decided he was going to count to 100. 
I was so proud that he only needed help remembering some of the names for numbers like 50, 60, 70. 
I had printed out a hundreds chart for him the other day so we reviewed all the numbers he was having trouble remembering. 
Then I had him color the numbers in the tens. 

Now, in a classroom, when you do an activity, 
you hope that your students notice that there is a pattern in doing this
 {all the tens numbers are in a straight line down}. 
I'm proud to say that Julian immediately noticed and said,
 *That's how you count by 10s,*
and then began rattling them off like he'd known them forever.
 He remembers it now and has been walking around all day counting by 10s to 100. 

So, I had seen this cake on Pioneer Lady's website and thought,
 *OMG, how cute! Wouldn't this be the cutest St. Patty's Day cake??*

So, I had bought white cake mix at Aldi's.
I love Aldi's. They're cheap, it's not crowded, and did I mention,
 they're CHEAP??!!
I have loved MOST things we buy there. 
Do you see where this is going??
Well, it wasn't the taste of the cake that was wrong.
What was wrong was that they cake was WAY TO0 MOIST!!

Normally, one shouldn't be complaining about moist cake.
 when you're trying to stack six layers of cake and it's falling apart in your hands, you have a problem! 


Just look at this disaster! 
Can we all agree that this is just 
*12 kinds of ugly???!!!!*

So, as I'm mourning over my disaster, two cute little leprechauns walk in the kitchen and say,
*That's the best cake EVER!*

{I love those two!}

Friday, March 4, 2011

'Cause I'm Cool Like That!

**I was awarded the coolest mom and best wife in the world award.**
{Go 'head, be jealous!}

Here's Why:

Can you guess where we are?
I arranged a field trip for our home school group to get a behind the scenes tour of 
Joe Louis Arena!
We were all {ok, mostly husband} were so excited to go!
We walked through the players entrance,
touched the ice, sat on the zamboni, saw the visitors locker room,
sat on the visitors bench, saw the Red Wings locker room, 
and had full access to the Comerica Executive Suite!
{and I'm sure that's the last time we'll ever see it, too!}

Field Trips have to be one of the best parts about homeschooling!