Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Infermary

I know it's been quite some time since I've actually blogged. I'm blaming it on the fact that over the last couple of months our family has been so busy. Work has been hectic, Mark just finished the winter semester, and a bout of MANY illnesses have kept us less than eager to get much accomplished.
Mark and I have been back and forth with the kids to the doctors all winter. I swear we see them about once a week. Anyways, it was just little colds, ear infection, etc. however Liam has not been able to "get over it". In the beginning of March both boys got ear infections and colds, but Liam was wheezing and needed Albuterol treatments every 4-6 hrs. Well, he would improve so the meds. would stop and a few days later he would be wheezing again. Then he was treated with Predisolone steroid for five days to help him breathe better. When that was finished, he was better. Then Julian woke up in the middle of the night the day of his 3rd birthday party puking! Oh goodness! Well, he made it and the party was a great success!! Then a couple days later Liam fell sick again and began the albuterol treatments again. That seems to work for awhile.When everything was good we realized one night that we had forgotten to give him his Prevacid medicine (to treat his acid reflux). He seemed fine without it and we thought he had finally grown out of it. Once again he began wheezing and the Dr. said to put him back on the Prevacid because acid reflux can cause wheezing. We did and it seemed to pass for a few days. Then he got sicker and was taken in to the doctors again. This time they thought he was just catching the same respiratory virus from before. A week passed and he could barely breathe. He sounded horrible!!! This time he had another ear infection and the Dr. diagnosed him with asthma. He began another round of albuterol treatments and Predisolone (liquid steroid). The Doctor also seemed to notice that despite that fact that he eats a lot, he is below the fifth percentile for his weight. That combined with the fact that he has had so many breathing problems caused some concern and she ordered a sweat test to be done at Children's Hospital. This would confirm or deny him having cystic fibrosis.

Which leads us to where we are now. This week, him and his big bro went back to the docs. Julian was doing well, however, had a bout of pink eye this week along with his ear infection. Liam is on 2 different asthma steroid medications after another 3 days of Prednisolone and still wheezing. On Monday morning we take him to Children's for the sweat test.

So forgive me for all the typos and spelling errors. I'm writing this at 5am after being up since 1:30am. I can't sleep after getting up with Liam and hearing him wheeze yet again!! Can't wait to have happy, healthy kids again :)