Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving everyday!

In the past year so much has happened in our lives: I'm back to work full time from part time, paying out the whazoo for daycare (I could probably afford 2 or 3 vacation homes for this price), finishing my master's degree (finished 21 credits in a year), Mark went back to school and is gone more, I've been battling fibromyalgia, Julian is two (need I say more), we had to replace the air conditioner, furnace, all outter doors and storm doors, repairs to the car, we got our landscaping finished and patio poured, and Liam has colic and acid reflux (so much screaming and puke everywhere)! Needless to say, it's been a rough go at times.
I've realized over the past few weeks that I need to change my thinking and appreciate all the goodness and blessing that God has brought into my life. Thanksgiving should not just be practiced one day a year, but everyday. I know we've all recieved email forwards that remind us of this, but I'm making it part of my daily routine. How can I not when all we hear are stories of our nieghbors, friends, and family loosing their homes and jobs. I've come to see that I'm fortunate to have a job, I thank God everytime I pay a bill (because I can), I'm fortunate that my kids have the best care in the world (they did take care of me after all), I was given the opprotunity to get a master's degree, Mark was able to get most of his master's degree paid for by a grant, I could have a disease that is much worse than fibromyalgia, and I have the two most beautiful boys in the world! And even though it can be difficult dealing with Liam's colic and reflux, I'm fortunate to know that I don't have to hesitate taking him to the doctors because I don't have insurance.
So on Thanksgiving this year, I enjoyed a day to sleep in, enjoyed wonderful cooking with our family, and really became thankful for everything in my life!

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Breebree said...

aw, you made me cry. you do have the 2 most beautiful boys in the world :)